Online presence

With our generation being so dependent on technology and social media, it is so important to have a good level of presence, on as many areas as possible. This is why I set up an Artsthread page after completing my final second year term, the website is a platform for digital portfolios for designers of multiple disciplines. I featured a few of my favourite pages from my childrenswear portfolio and this allows other users to view my work. This platform is also useful to research how other students display and develop their work on portfolios, as I am now in my third and final year, it is important for me to keep up to date with the other competition from graduating students.

I was very pleased with the outcome of my project and I believe it is my best work to date, hopefully I will continue to develop this level of work within my final year.

Creating a LinkedIn account was also important to create an easy way for contacts to find my personal details and it includes possible mentors I could source for the future.

I also have a social media presence on Instagram, a personal and a page dedicated to my university work and projects linked to that. I decided to have two seperate pages, as I believe it is important to keep my work/life balance seperate. Instagram is such a huge platform for up and coming designers, bloggers and artists, and the coverage you can receive is huge.



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