Textiles support module

During the second semester, I undertook the textiles support module. Printed textiles is one of my strongest areas and with this module we looked at trend boards from WGSN. I selected the trend of Kinship and focused on textures, innovative materials and geometric prints. I researched into multiple textile designers such as Eloise Renouf and fashion designers of Dries Van Noten in order to inform my sample designs and influence techniques I could use. I have really enjoyed this module as it has given me an opportunity to use materials and fabrics I haven’t utilised before. I’ve been working on faux fur, cross stitch fabric, linen, denim and hessian, with the focus on working on found fabrics from charity shops and personal fabrics (apart from the faux fur).

Throughout the module, I have been developing my samples and increasing my knowledge of how different techniques work best with fabrics. I have used pearl binder, minerfoam flock binder, puff binder, foil, Devore, discharge, gloss binder and standard pigment to layer and enhance my prints. In order to develop my samples with a fashion twist, I will be adding seams, zips and button details to some of them, this will show how my designs can be used in a fashion collection.



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