Swot Analysis


  • Being passionate about printed textiles and learning new skills to develop my work.
  • Printed textiles by hand and digitally. This gives me an advantage over other students who solely work with one medium.
  • Being able to produce fashion designs which work with or without print.
  • Essay writing is an area of the course I enjoy and having knowledge of the current industry is very important.
  • Working as a team member within the group and developing my people skills through industry presentations and by working in a retail shop.
  • Helping with fundraising and activities for the final year collections, I am always willing to offer up my time to help others.
  • Portfolio designing – with skills improving a large amount this semester.
  • Drawing skills – establishing a line drawing technique that works effectively for me.



  • Fashion Construction – I am not entirely sure of what I will include in my FMP however it would be a shame to completely ignore fashion construction but it is the area I struggle with the most.
  • Time keeping – I have been able to prioritise my work this semester and understand the importance of keeping on top of my portfolio, however it still needs to improve.
  • Industry Experience – I have not undertaken any experience in the industry, however I have secured an internship with Mirjam Rouden 1 day a week for a month. This will give me valuable experience working in a textiles studio in London.
  • Annotating and Analysing work – I need to evidence my work better and say how its been developed.



  • Internship – I hope to gain skills in producing textile work and learning how professional print studios work.
  • Work experience – I was offered an opportunity to undertake work experience at Paul Dennicci from my industry presentation.
  • Gaining knowledge from visiting exhibitions and conceptual stores to inspire my work
  • Developing my online presence through continuing to blog over summer, keep my Instagram pages up to date and creating a linkedIn and arts thread accounts.
  • To keep enhancing my own knowledge by keeping up to date on the fashion industry and the changes it goes through.



  • Finances – regarding paying for train journeys to travel to internships and paying for expenses in the third year such as New designers and Graduate Fashion week.
  • Other students – The skill level of students is at  a high standard and it is important to keep my work original and ensure that it stands out.
  • Keeping up to date with changes in technology such as industry standard computer programmes of Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Time keeping over summer – I will have to juggle continuing to use my skills with working part time and undertaking internships.


Short term goals:

  • To complete the year with a higher grade than the previous semester
  • To undertake a successful internship in June
  • To develop a better social media presence with an Artsthread and LinkedIn account
  • To collect ideas over the summer to inform my pre-collection and FMP

Medium term goals:

  • To produce a successful pre-collection and final major project
  • To write a well informed dissertation
  • To continue to gain knowledge which will help me in my final year
  • To graduate with a 2:1 or a 1st class BA honours degree

Long term goals:

  • To gain a job within the fashion and textiles industry
  • Continue to produce successful print design ideas
  • To have a successful job, personal life and be financially stable



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