Contacts within the fashion and textiles industry are very important, from them passing on knowledge, helping with job prospects or just being a friendly face. Since starting the course, I have gained a significant amount of contacts and I hope to use them in the future.

  • Tania Bines: Head designer at Paul Dennicci childrenswear design – possibility of work experience
  • Mirjam Rouden: Has own print design company – undertaking work experience in June
  • Sury Bagnall: Freelance designer, currently head designer at Me+Em
  • Mary Schoeser –  Patron of the school of textiles in Coggeshall, who I can gain research from
  • Contrado – Digital Printers for possible third year work
  • Amelia Graham –  Contacted about an internship however was unavailable
  • GH leathers – a sustainable fur and leather wholesaler to source fabrics from in the 3rd year
  • Whaleys – a sustainable producer of fabrics I could use in my third year

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