A review of the year

As I as I am coming to the end of my second year, I am going to be analysing what went well and what I can improve on for the future. I will be evaluating my strengths, weaknesses, skills and future plans in order to help me in my final year. This year I have been able to see my work progress and develop to a stronger standard than it has been. I have pushed myself when choosing projects and I have learnt many skills from this, helping me to create ideas about my specialism in the third year. In addition to this, my presentation skills have improved from the first year and I have become a lot more confident within my work.

I have learnt a lot of new skills this semester, from producing a portfolio for a live brief, designing for childrenswear, producing floral print designs, producing print designs onto fabric and using innovative materials in textiles. When I began to use illustrator again, I initially struggled as I hadn’t used it for several weeks, this meant I did not use my time as effectively as I could when producing my garments on the programme. Therefore, I will continue to use Illustrator over the summer in order to keep the tools and skills needed fresh in my mind, ready to return in September.

My Practical skills such a drawing have hugely improved this semester and this is due to the drawings days we did in lesson, I researched into Ellsworth Kelly who used line drawings to create beautiful florals. I then used a similar style with my own drawings for the studio module and worked in biro, this is a style that works to my strength and focuses on the outline rather than detailed areas. I also compared my own print designs to the ones I had researched and I could see they were not similar enough, therefore I worked back into them to improve the prints.

I believe I have a stronger focus and I have now realised where my strengths lie e.g. in print. I will be able to focus my strengths in print in my third year and consequently I can produce effective and efficient work. Overall I think this year has been successful and I have developed my work to a higher standard, compared to the previous semesters.



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