Next live brief

When we were told semester 2 was going to based on a live industry brief, I was excited but also nervous as I had never worked to a live brief and I knew I had to present my ideas to industry experts. We were told about the briefs and the brands they were focused on and I selected Next A/W’18 which was a childrenswear based project. The other projects were for M&S womenswear and Oasis which focused on Joseph frank. I wanted to choose the childrenswear brief as I hadn’t produced ideas for children before and I wanted to challenge myself. We were shown two trends of Kinship and Edgelands, I immediately knew I wanted to use Edgelands as it focused on the 1970’s, hand-me-downs, make do and mend, garden wear and folk designs.

I originally began to research into folk embroidery, 1970’s, garden wear and florals; however I decided this was too much and I needed to focus my ideas. I was then able to be selective with what I researched and my collection is now based on the 70’s and garden wear. Both areas informed my garment shapes and the prints used within them, by using pinafore dresses, dungarees and jumpsuits and floral prints.

I was sceptical about only producing a portfolio as my outcome for the semester, however as I developed my portfolio I realised my skills were improving and so were my photoshop skills. I also realised there was a large amount of work needed to create a successful portfolio and I would not be time effective to produce a toile as well. Instead, I produced fabric samples of techniques I would use, I learnt how to produce a dungaree clip fastening and frill details.  I was able to develop my pages with constant feedback from tutors, and this showed me the importance of continuously improving my work. From this semester, I feel like my work has improved a large amount through constantly referring back to my research and my sketchbook.

I was able to develop my skills as a print designer through this brief as I produced floral designs, this was the first time I had produced floral designs which will benefit me in the future if I decide to become a print designer. I also learnt how to have my designs printed onto fabric and I ordered samples to show with my work, this is something I may consider in my final year and it was interesting to see my designs printed onto fabric.


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