London 25.2.17


I visited London on the last weekend of February in order to visit the Joseph Frank exhibition at the Fashion and textile museum . Joseph Frank was an Austrian designer and artist who designed a large amount of textiles and wallpaper designs. He was known for his bright colours and interesting motifs such as tropical fruits and animals, the current exhibition has highlighted his work and many of the high street shops have adopted a similar style of design in their clothing. It was so interesting to see print designs on furniture and hung work as a textile designer myself, with a focus on screen printing.

As my primary focus of the trip was visiting the exhibition, I wanted to make it worthwhile and discovered Burberry were holding a viewing of their latest collection. I dragged my mum through Soho trying to find the venue of Makers house and I was so glad I was able to experience it. I find it so important to experience as many opportunities as possible and this was an amazing experience being able to view the AW17 collection first hand. The collection was based around Henry Moore’s sculptures, it featured individual capes for each model made from rope, ceramic, feathers and other textures. The collection was available to buy as soon as it was on the runway and featured garments which featured mixed fabrics. The exhibition space was only open for a week and I felt so privileged to be able to see it first hand.

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