Denim Print

My current project is a Levi’s Denim competition where you can choose to do a fashion or textiles collection. I have chosen textiles as I find print to be my stronger area, through my research of contemporary denim designers such as Faustine Steinmetz, Alyssa Less, Off White and Gucci, I have been able to produce my own print ideas and designs.

By researching Gucci in a lot of detail I realised many of their motifs are traditional Tattoo designs, I then began to produce my own motifs and selected a bright colour palette to contrast the denim colours.

The above images were translated from my hand drawings into photoshop to be placed together as a print.


The print will be placed onto a denim length and will be screen printed as a continuous repeat. I am also designing a minimum of 15 extra prints/textile designs to act as companions to my repeated length. At this stage I have produced two denim samples using acrylic paint, linking to my research into Faustine Steinmetz.


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