Making myself a monster-Guest lecturer

img_1482Guest lecturer’s are always so interesting to hear from as they have experience working in the art industry, it is beneficial to hear from people such as artists and designers as it aids in our own personal working practises. It is valuable to hear others personal philosophies and their working practise as this could feed into my work through the reflection of processes and techniques in order to fully understand my philosophy.

Lisa temple-cox is an artist who specialises in teratological specimens which in Latin means monstrosities such as body deformities and diseases. Lisa wanted to explore the relationship between herself and medical specimens she was interested in, specifying in 18th and 19th century medical studies. Throughout the lecture it was clear how fascinated she was with the subject and this showed through the extensive research she undertook while studying for her masters. Lisa would travel from museum to museum, sketch and draw from what she saw and she would make connections between the different exhibitions, scientists and research she was producing. Her detailed research was very important and I found this the most beneficial part of the lecture and I started to consider how I could apply a similar approach to my own work.

Due to Lisa’s extensive research she was able to produce a successful final project and cast her own head which led her to shave her hair off in order to create the perfect mould. The level of research Lisa undertook was inspiring and she told us to draw from what we see Instead of images as we don’t form an emotional connection with the image as we would from face value.


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