The copyright lecture was given to us by a guest speaker called Roland Mallinson who works for Taylor Wessing an international law firm which specifies with “dynamic industries”. Roland spoke to us about the importance of intellectual property ownership and some of the clients he had worked with as examples. At first I thought it’s not really that important to protect my work until I have graduated from the course however the lecture showed me that their are plenty of ways I could protect myself. It is particularly important as nowadays we are an internet age where everything is visible to each other, for example if something Is posted onto social media such as Instagram, it states within the terms and conditions that anyonce could use your photo-which I found very surprising.

Some examples of registered rights:

-trademarks: such as a brand name which advertises your work

-patents: a patent is used for an invention

Some examples of unregistered rights:

-passing off: the ‘tm’ symbol is used to build a brand

-copyright: which arises automatically

It was very interesting to discover all the different ways to protect our work once we’ve graduated and some popular cases where it has gone to court. In the seminar after the lecture I researched into other cases I had heard of such as Zara copying young designers such as Tuesday Bassen who posted this on social media:


It also shows zara’s response to the claims, this is not the first time Zara has copied from designers big or small.



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