Design development

In order to start producing fashion ideas, we initially looked at shapes from our research and sketchbook that we found exciting and relevant. We then developed these shapes by cutting out black paper into the shapes such as triangles, curves and lines, this was to create conceptual garments and place the paper shapes on a body shape. I struggled with this as I didn’t know what the tutors wanted us to produce as I couldn’t see the relevance to Missoni as their garments are not conceptual at all. I then was able to accept that the project is about us being inspired by Missoni in order to create two outfits for their AW17 collection and to be inspired from personal research. I created six conceptual designs out of black paper and then moved on to selecting one to develop large scale and produce with sugar paper on the mannequin. As my designs were conceptual, I struggled to translate the outfit onto the mannequin, especially as the sugar paper we used was flimsy and not as flexible as fabric would be.

I selected two designs and produced 4 alternative designs for each, this was to develop my designs in to the best they could be from the original paper cutouts. I then selected two refined drawings to produce as flat designs with design features and seams on, I showed my tutors who said I’d developed my garment too much and I should produce something closer to my conceptual designs. That meant I then had to redraw my flat drawings to produce garments which were still exciting and that were suitable for the female body. I was happy with my final two garments and I then added seam detail and I scanned the images into the computer.


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