Introduction to year 2!

Monday was the first taught day of the semester and it didn’t go off with a flying start…

During induction week my tutors looked at everyone’s summer product and assessed what the class needed to in order to improve their work, I learnt I needed to link my work better and develop print and fashion ideas. I produced multiple prints to take to yesterday’s lesson which I produced from an original drawing and a collage, I developed these in Photoshop-as seen below. I am very pleased with the prints I have produced as they were from simple motifs and the wax crayon drawing has produced a lovely texture to the prints, I was also able to alter the colours to use a similar colour palette to Missoni.

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In Monday’s lesson, I prepared a research map in order to show a refined collection of images which illustrate what I have been influenced by for my project. I struggled to select relevant images which would link to the point I was at and show my colour, fashion and print inspirations. Once I was given guidance from my tutors, I was able to produce an effective map which was the activity I found most interesting and useful throughout the day. I think the research map will be able to direct my process of working and ensure that the project has an informed direction of where I want to take my work next.


I produced a colour palette from a mood board on tiles which linked to garment shapes in Dover street market, this featured lots of different colours and connects well with Missoni’s use of colour. I selected different coloured threads to create a textured palette and I referenced magazines in order to produce a flat colour palette with different tones of colour. I have learnt the importance of contrasting colours in order to create a successful colour palette from this workshop, this will inform my future work and allow me to experiment more when I am producing prints.


In my opinion I had created a successful print story from the prints above, however I am always willing to develop and Improve my prints. I produced a wax crayon rubbing which I used as a background and I photocopied pages from my book to cut and stick over the top. I also used one of my prints and placed wax crayon circles on top which was my favourite print I produced. Because I have successful prints, I found it difficult to produce further designs from my sketchbook and I didn’t have all the equipment with me which I would have liked to use, therefore I will be more prepared for next lesson.



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