I continued stitching my shirt together on Monday and I now only need to sew the zip and collar on. This is really exciting because I can now see what the outcome of my shirt is likely to be! Unfortunately when I stitched my scallop edge collar, it wasn’t as successful as I’d have hoped with the curves being smaller than expected, I do still like the look of it and it isn’t noticeable so I’m happy.

We also had a visitor on Monday of a pleating business. This was extremely interesting as they hand pleat the fabric with hand crafted cardboard templates, the amount of shapes and designs they created was amazing. The fabric is placed inbetween two cardboard templates, pulled tight and then steamed for 30 minutes. It was amazing the pleats they could create and how many high end fashion designers they work with.

We had module reviews on Wednesday which led me to catch up on 9 pages of research!! But it went well and my teacher was really pleased with my folder which is good! We also designed 12 dresses to create until the end of the module. We have to incorporate all of the things we have learnt so far and make it out of calico and red fabric, I’m not sure of my designs yet but I may find one I like enough to produce.



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