Back from Reading week 2.11.15

Monday we made paper shirts out of the prints we created based on Firstsite, we traced off the standard pattern block on our printed paper and then we developed the design to make it conceptual towards our work. I cut away at the sleeve, added a contrasted pocket, used additional black paper for a 3D sleeve and used multiple prints. I enjoyed this because we were able to see what our prints looked like on a garment, we then took a model from a magazine and drew a template of her body shape in the form of a line drawing; I found this difficult because it was a new process. Shading was then added to the drawing and I photocopied it to use for designing.

The designing  was done at home and I had to create 4 designs for 4 garments, I really enjoyed this aspect which is unlike me because I struggle with drawing, however with a body shape to work with, it was a lot easier! I was proud of my designs and once I’d got the hang of it they looked good until I had a designers block and couldn’t think of what to do and I then took to Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration.



On Wednesday we made miniature dresses by copying of a pattern and altering it by shortening the length, closing the dart and adding extra fabric for gathering. This is the first time we had done these techniques and therefore it took us a long time to learn how to use a pattern master and how to add seam allowances onto the basic pattern. I stitched my tiny dresses together at home because I ran out of time but this allowed me to learn from my mistakes and develop my knowledge.

IMG_0007 IMG_0295


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